Smådalarö Gård 
Hotell & Spa

"One of Sweden's largest spa hotels in the Stockholm Archipelago, fully renovated in 2021.

A unique and close to nature destination with cured experiences for all the senses."


Smådalarövägen 100 

137 70 Dalarö, Sweden

Rooms for the wedding have been
reserved for our guests.

Rooms have been reserved for both
Thursday the 28th and Friday the 29th
if you would like to stay 2 nights.

To reserve your room at the discounted price,
you must reserve before June 1st.

Price: 2700 Swedish Kronor/night

To reserve your room at Smådalarö Gård for one or both nights, please email:

to: koordinator@smadalarogard.se

cc: aeb5124@gmail.com
subject: Bradford/Mougeolle Wedding July 29 2022

If you have any issues with this, contact Amanda to help coordinate reserving your room
>> aeb5124@gmail.com
>> +33 7 84 06 25 13