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Maid of Honour

Maid of Honour

Parvathy - "P"

Hi! My name is Parvathy Thiruvothu. I’m from India and I’m an Actor. To tell you how I met Amanda is also a way of telling you how I started believing in “meant-to-be”. Seven years ago, on my very first solo trip across Europe, I was sitting at my Hostel’s bar wondering if I should call it a night. Mind you, it was only around 8sh pm and this is Amsterdam, right at the city centre. The place was bustling with groups of friends and travellers who were pouring in. I just didn’t know how to go up to anyone and start a conversation. Just as I googled “How to be alone in a crowded pub” I hear a “Are these seats taken?!” The warmest, most lovely voice! There she was!.. Amanda! Needless to say, that girl who was going to head to bed? She was up till morning having the best time of her life! When we decided to meet up the next evening for drinks, little did we know that we would be finding our bestie Theresa at the same table where Amanda had found me! The three of us have been inseparable since!

Amanda’s heart has the Midas touch. She knows when to hold up the mirror as you introspect and when to just hold you tight when you can’t make sense of life.  She taught me how to see my worth way beyond what I thought was possible, or even deserved. We are continents and time zones apart, but that has never come in our way. It’s been seven years of adventures and a whole lifetime ahead of growing together!

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Hello! I'm Tricia, a wife, nurse, dog mom, soon to be baby mom and a best friend to the wonderful Amanda. We met in 2012 while starting a new journey together in our aquatics career. Our friendship was instant, one of those connections where you know it's a forever friendship. With all the great moments and tough times life has thrown at us these past 10 years, we've leaned on each other when it was needed most, celebrated the happy moments and remained the best of friends. Seeing her handle the past two years with grace among all the uncertainties and changes and now watching her being a mother is so inspiring. I have so much gratitude for our friendship. There is no amount of miles apart or time zone difference that will break our bond. I know I have a forever friend in Amanda.

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Theresa - "T"

"My name is Theresa. I am Amanda’s Australian-born Vietnamese friend who lives part time in London and Sydney. I met Amanda about 6 years ago, toward the end of Autumn in Amsterdam. I was sitting alone at the hostel bar, until this girl with a huge smile and pink hair approached me and asked if her and her friends could share my table. We spent the night drinking, bonded over some late-night waffles, shared stories as if we’d known each other for years and the rest is history. I know I can always count on Amanda to give the best advice, make me laugh or to just be there whenever I’m in need of support. She is truly the best friend that anyone could ask for and there is no distance long enough that would change that."

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I am honoured to be one of Amanda's bridesmaids and I am thankful that we are sharing our life since almost 10 years - since Amanda came to Berlin to visit the german part of her family.  Berlin this is where I live, where I enjoy the city life, raise up my 1,5year little boy and recently started my passion for making my own pottery. When I met Amanda the first time I was amazed by her energy, lots of ideas and her way to share her thoughts - she was introduced by my husband Björn (who is one of the best men of Alexis ) as „that’s my cool cousin“ - but it was obvious after some little moments together - Amanda wasn’t just family -  family became friends quickly! Since then our friendship is growing, especially during our summer holidays which we spend together since six years! We think alike when it comes to the balance between spontaneous activities and just living in the moment. Even without being in the same place we are always connected - it’s never needed to go far in explanation of situations because it seems Amanda can immediately feel which topic and feelings I want to share! I love our friendship - with respectful open talks, feeling understood and just enjoying the little moments of life.


Best man


Hi! I'm Adrien Joly. Native of Bordeaux, I currently live and work in Paris. I met Alexis more than 30 years ago in kindergarten. To say exactly how, is almost impossible, you should ask our parents! Since then, we have shared a lot of things:

-Tried to burn down the kindergarten (true story)...
-Make dams  and forts in Bielle...

-Enjoyed a lot of beach sessions with body boarding in Hossegor...

-Participated in the Pamplona Feria...

-"Recreate the world 100 times..."

I can say without hesitation that we have an authentic and sincere friendship, which has been able to withstand the years, the challenges and the geographical moves. Even throughout junior high, we were no longer in the same class, the same high school, or city! ...we have always been able to meet up and share great moments together, and it's not finished! 

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Kevin, 35 years old... I have been friends with Alexis since I was 12 years old. We were in the same class during our 4 years of college. So we lived together the very special period of adolescence with its joys and its sorrows. Since then we have never lost sight of each other.

Whether it's our first outings, our first holidays or our first jobs, the child(ren),... We've experienced it all together. I think we have so many memories in common that we could write a book. Alexis knows he can always count on me no matter what and I know the converse is true. After all, that must be friendship!

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Best man


My name is Ghadi, I am a researcher in the pharmaceutical industry in southern Germany and I am of Lebanese origin.

Alexis and I met during our studies at the University of Bordeaux and our friendship has grown steadily over time.

Today, more than 15 years later and despite the distance that separates us, he remains one of my closest friends. I'll tell you why: this young man has the supernatural power to put positive energy into everything he does, whether it's his job, his family or his friends.

It will be an honor for me to be by his side on his wedding day.



Once upon a time, there was a Campground in Le-Gurp. Where? Le-Gurp! A local Campground close to the Atlantic Ocean. Why is this so important?

Because this is the place, where I spent my first time together with Alexis. I got to know him as a caring and humble person, who shares the same passions like golfing, travelling and spending time with friends and family.

Since 2016 my Cousin Amanda, my wife Patricia, Alexis and I are spending our summer holidays together. While camping in france we are enjoying the most wonderful time and friendship together! 

Alexis is not just a friend, he is family.